Arnold 5: Revolutionary Rendering

Friday, 21 April 2017

Solid Angle have released Arnold 5 with major new updates.

Arnold 5: Revolutionary Rendering

The latest edition of the global illumination renderer features new sampling algorithms, faster render start up and is now bundled with 3ds Max 2018.

“With more than 500 development tickets completed, it has been a true labor of love as the team has really pushed to optimize Arnold and prepare the platform for future development," says Solid Angle founder Marcos Fajardo in the Solid Angle press release.

Arnold has been optimized for significantly faster render start-up and ray-trace time. Arnold 5 has the capability to load large OpenVDB volume caches twice as fast and is up to ten times faster when preprocessing textures.

The latest version also has updated sampling algorithms. Most samplers - including indirect illumination, soft shadows and depth of field - can now take advantage of dithered sampling to improve distribution of noise. Quad lights and Cylinder lights have also been updated with noise reduction and Disk light rendering is further enhanced with the new algorithm. 

Arnold 5 has also replaced Mental Ray as the bundled renderer for 3ds Max 2018, which was released this week.

Other new features

Simpler C++ API

The API has been cleared of legacy features, refactored, extended, and simplified to enable users to write faster and more consistent code

Easier to use

Simplified workflows and easier deployment, particularly in the cloud

New shaders

Take advantage of several new built-in shaders including standard surface, standard hair, standard volume, and utility shaders

OSL support

GI renderers can now shade in both C++ and Open Shading Language

Light Path Expressions (LPEs)

Users can define AOVs for direct/indirect light

Improved color management

SynColor and OCIO are now supported for better handling of input and output colour transformations