Allegorithmic releases Substance Designer spring update

Monday, 12 March 2018

Allegorithmic have rebuilt core components within Substance Designer to support heavier processing features in their new spring update. The result is a 30% decrease in loading time for large graphs as well as a host of other new features.

Allegorithmic releases Substance Designer spring update

New features and improvements:

Up to 30% faster

Cache and memory management has been improved, translating into a smoother and faster user experience with expected gains of up to 30% when loading large graphs. The 2D viewport has been completely reworked, giving users faster refresh times when tweaking parameters.

Full updated bakers

With fully supported UDIMs, bakers within Substance Designer will allow for real-time feedback. Polygon meshes featuring a high count will load and bake significantly faster due to a newly implemented geometry cache system.

Baking dialog has now been updated to feature a new 2D view, which allows users to follow the baking process in real-time. This gives 3D modellers more flexibility if the process needs to be cancelled and adjusted.

New 3D nodes

New advanced nodes and tools have been implemented. Users can now add noise and utility nodes for seamless 3D texturing.

“It’s amazing to see what Allegorithmic have done with their spring release for Substance Designer,” comments Graeme Pitt, Head of Software at Escape Technology. “With fully updated bakers and new 3D nodes, it’s clear to see that Allegorithmic are adapting to their ever expanding user base.”

Watch the video below for a full breakdown of what the Substance Designer spring update has to offer.

To learn more about Allegorithmic products and license contact Graeme Pitt.