AI and HDR in Autodesk Flame 2021

Friday, 06 November 2020

This year has brought some incredible leaps in technology, and the latest version of Autodesk Flame is among them.

AI and HDR in Autodesk Flame 2021

Autodesk released Flame 2021 - the latest update to its compositing, finishing, and effects toolkit – earlier this year. And with it came some impressive new feature releases. Among the most noteworthy are the AI keyer and workflows for Dolby Vision.

AI Keyer

The move to utilise AI also takes greater leaps with each release, extracting all it can from NVIDIA’s Tensor cores. And with the announcement of the next generation of Quadro cards the adoption of AI in Flame will proceed even faster.

Extensions for machine-learning human face matte extraction are getting even more granular. The tool can now recognise eyes, lips, nose, and other features with no manual tracking. Run a face past the AI and you’ll have all the mattes you could ever need for beauty work.

The AI keyer can also detect areas of a frame containing specific content such as skies to generate a corresponding matte, enabling fast and easy selections for colour correction. 

HDR Workflow

Flame 2021 introduces some impressive feature updates, including an HDR workflow for Dolby Vision. As ever more internet broadcasters support HDR at multiple levels this addition has been a real shot in the arm to the finishing toolset. Flame 2021 is now capable of outputting HDR content with accompanying metadata that enables tonemapping for conventional SDR and HDR displays. Meaning the finished article can be generated in Flame rather than just a shot assembly that’s then exported to other systems

Physical Defocus

I’ve alway loved the bokeh effects produced by certain lenses and now Flame’s Physical Defocus feature – working on the GPU – is getting closer to replicating the real thing. Some fantastic effects can be achieved with all the subtleties that can be found from real-world lenses, resulting in natural-looking effects such as radial/chromatic aberration and lens artifacts. 

Combined with Gmasks and a few other highlight features, these updates show just how Flame 2021 is really taking advantage of NVIDIA’s new Ampere chipset. With the new RTX3080 already doubling tensor cores the Quadro lineup will be something very impressive to see. And Flame2021 will be there to reap the benefits.

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