Adobe brings ProRes to Windows

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

In a bit of a surprise announcement, Adobe has brought Apple’s ProRes codec to its Windows based software, opening up new possibilities for client delivery.

Adobe brings ProRes to Windows

One of the most popular codecs in post production, ProRes has been noticeably missing from Adobe software running on Windows systems. While Apple users have been able to export ProRes files for some time now, Microsoft users have been somewhat shackled by the limitation. 

“ProRes export on Windows has been needed for years,” says Nick Mathews, Business Development Director at Escape Technology. “This update finally unifies Adobe products across platforms, making it easier for our customers to deliver ProRes formats to their clients.”

The functionality is part of Adobe’s latest point release update to Creative Cloud. Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder will all be able to export ProRes files. And a few presets have even been included. Now you can deliver ProRes 4444 or 422 from within the media management screens.

All in all the development addresses a great many limitations. We’re excited about the possibilities for editors to opt for upgradeable hardware, or existing Windows users to have access to this all important deliverable.