A Touching Tribute to George Michael

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:33
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A Touching Tribute to George Michael

The Grammys are always a haven for high production values and a little decadence. They’re also great for recognising the impact that artists can have on people's lives and pay tribute when that talent passes.

This year’s tribute to George Michael ranks high on the scale of emotional resonance. A much-loved artist and philanthropist being lauded by peers and those who were inspired by him over a decades-long career.

Adele’s touching tribute - with wonderfully caring restart - showed the acute effect one person can have on the life of another. And for Escape Technology it was beautiful to see the work of our friends Coffee & TV as her backdrop. Affectionately picking out choice moments from George Michael’s life and treating them with love and respect.

It was tasteful. Love and support could be felt through pouring from the audience of stars in what was a rare few minutes. And the backdrop sensitively added to a touching performance. Visuals working with music and a personality who cares, paying tribute to the life and work of an amazing human; the like of which the world sorely needs.