13 ZBrush resources

Friday, 03 August 2018

Since 1999 Pixologic has been providing artists with tools for sculpting, painting, and texturing 3D models. 

13 ZBrush resources

With so many sources of inspiration and tutorials out there for their leading program, ZBrush, we’ve come up with a list of our favourites. 

ZBrush Guides

Pablo Munoz created ZBrush Guides to be the ultimate recourse for Pixologic’s sculpting tool. The website is chock full of tutorials, brushes, meshes, and everything you need to get the most out of ZBrush. It also serves as Pablo’s portfolio site so you can check out the amazing work he’s done as well.

Pixologic Download Center 

It might seem a little obvious but Pixologic’s download centre provides a plethora of assets including a fully stocked grid library, matcaps, and plugins. It’s also regularly refreshed with the latest ZBrush 2018 program updates.

ZBrush 2018 New Features

We’ve got a playlist of tutorials created by Adam Dewhirst to take you through the features added to ZBrush 2018.


ZBrushCentral is a great forum for artists to talk about all things ZBrush, show off their work, and share resources with one another. If you’re looking for something new to try out or just simply want to see what other people are doing then this place has got you covered.

One of the artists for God Of War even shared the art he created for the game in ZBrush.


Tuts+ provides tutorials for a lot of different applications and ZBrush is one of them. They have a list of 82 tutorials that you should check out covering everything from the basics to advanced level tips and tricks. 

Creative Bloq

A fantastic resource for digital artists as they cover all major creative applications, Creative Bloq has an extensive list of articles on ZBrush that includes tutorials, assets, and reviews. 

Pixologic’s Twitch Channel

As well as having a website packed with tutorials and downloads, Pixologic has a Twitch channel dedicated to the ins and outs of ZBrush. They showcase live sculpting classes as well as gameplay with artists and developers. 


A forum created by professional video game artists, PolyCount is a great resource for 3D creatives of all levels. While it’s not dedicated exclusively to ZBrush it is a great place to show off your work and get some tips from the professionals.


If you’re new to ZBrush and want to learn about the application from the ground up then Lynda has you covered. Offering courses and tutorials you should be sculpting 3D masterpieces in no time.

The Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop provides tutorials for 3D character creation and more. They’re catered to industry professionals who use ZBrush and other applications. In-depth videos will enable you to achieve the finer details in your work with over 300 of them covering concept design, modelling, and animation.

CG Channel

The creators of The Gnomon Workshop also founded CG Channel. A great community for 3D artists, they offer workshops, free resources, and training on all major 3D art applications. 


ArtStation covers everything a digital artist needs - you can upload your portfolio of work, download assets for your favourite application, and talk to a wide community of artists about your work. 

Unity Asset Store

Unity is one of the world's most popular video game engines and their asset store is packed full of downloads for ZBrush. From texture sets to full models there’s loads to choose from and experiment with.