12 resources you need for Maya

Monday, 13 August 2018

The human imagination is a powerful thing. It has built thriving metropolises, constructed awe inspiring automation, and designed groundbreaking inventions to improve our quality of life. It’s even created a wealth of entertainment, which gives us some much needed escapism and tells the stories that we as a species crave, taking us to distant planets to discover new life or giving us powers that defy our reality.

12 resources you need for Maya

To bring these creations to life we need tools to help these ideas take form. Programs like Maya give us the ability to translate our wildest dreams to the screen and share them with the world.

In order to help you make your creativity become reality we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of Maya resources.

Escape Technology

Here at Escape we have a high level of expertise when it comes to Maya. Our CTO Lee Danskin is a Maya Master and helped launch Maya 1.0.

If you’re looking to get some expert knowledge on Maya then you can either subscribe to our newsletter, come to our events, or book some time with us and we can show you what this fantastic 3D program can offer you.

Simply Maya

Simply Maya is dedicated to Autodesk’s 3D visualisation tool. Teaching Maya since 1999, their courses cover everything you need to know. And they’re regularly updated as the software evolves.


Featuring galleries, courses, and a thriving community of 3D artists, CGSociety is a great place to learn more about Maya and share your work. You’re bound to learn something new here whatever your skill set.

The Gnomon Workshop

One of the most popular CG websites around, The Gnomon Workshop is a professional training hub for 3D artists. You can learn everything you need about Maya here or brush up on your skills to make truly awe inspiring visuals.

Autodesk Maya learning channel

Autodesk’s own Maya Learning channel on YouTube is packed full of video tutorials which take you through the ins and outs of the program. From getting started to more advanced techniques, the Maya learning channel has you covered


Tuts+ provides in-depth knowledge about computer graphics programs and Maya is no exception. You’ll be able to find tutorials tailored to specific skills including modelling, rigging, and texturing with step by step breakdowns which anyone can follow.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a fantastic resource for all digital design. Their Maya articles cover everything from tips and tricks to plugins and downloads. 


CGArena has an extensive library of tutorials and freebies for 3D artists to use. They also have a comprehensive list of tutorials for any Maya user to get their hands on.


Since 1999 3Dtotal has been providing 3D artists with a wealth of resources. There’s a plethora of free tutorials and textures for Maya users to download. And it gives you a platform to share your work and get advice from your peers.


Formerly known as Creative Crash, Highend3D is a great resource for aspiring and veteran 3D artists. From textures to full character rigs you won’t be struggling to to find something to try.

3D Artist

3D Artist is one of the UK’s leading CGI magazines and their website features up to date  news and features from the CG industry. It’s regularly updated and includes various articles on Maya and other 3D tools.


One of the leading communities for video game artists, Polycount is teeming with plugins, tutorials, and other resources for applications including both Maya and 3ds Max. You can also upload your work and share tips and tricks with the thriving community.