Meet Escape Technology at GTC

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Meet Escape Technology at GTC

Escape Technology will showcase high-speed, liquid-cooled V-Ray GPU rendering at GTC.

Joining gold sponsors Boston Ltd. on stand G.05, Escape Technology will showcase the rendering capabilities of Chaos Group’s V-Ray on a custom built, liquid-cooled system. Using three NVIDIA P100s in a Boston Anna Pascal system the team will test the limits of the power you can fit in a mobile rack. 

Lee Danskin, Fabio Ticca, and Neil Kalsi will be joined by Andre Matos (Copyright Communications) for the demonstration. Focussing on his work for Porsche AG, Matos will show the capabilities of CUDA-powered rendering to achieve high quality, photorealistic images.

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“We’ve got V-Ray RT working on three NVIDIA P100s,” comments Danskin, CTO at Escape Technology. “The combined rendering power of V-Ray on that many GPUs is immense.”

“It’s going to be great showing just how fast these renders can go,” adds Neil Kalsi, Strategic Business Development Director at Escape Technology. “I can’t wait to see how people react to seeing a 4K render appear in a matter of minutes.”

GTC runs from 10th - 12th October in Munich. To learn how we can resolve rendering challenges book a live demonstration with the team by completing the form below.

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