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Whether it’s 3D compositing, visual effects, colour correction, or editorial finishing, Autodesk Flame provides the tools you need in an integrated, creative environment.
Flame 2020

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What's new in Flame 2020

Effects Environments: Groups

A new visual organisational structure allows you to filter the shots you want to focus on and make immediate adjustments and comparisons.

Effects Environments: Layouts

Set viewports, storyboard, media panel, timeline effects pipeline, and manager to customise your layouts.

3D/AVO 3D Selective Motion Vector Mode

Extract mattes from motion vector data. Feed CG rendered or analysed motion vectors directly into 3D selectives to combine with masks to selectively apply effects.

Semantic Keyer for Sky Extraction

Isolate skies for compositing or colour correction with just a single click. Add treatments to sky backgrounds, add clouds, and more.

3D/AOV: Z-depth Map Generator

Use machine learning for live-action scene-depth reclamation. Apply effects based on camera distance, as well as analyse shots and colour correct.

3D/AOV: Human Face Normal Map Generator

Generate 3D surface-orientation bump maps for colour adjustment, beauty retouching, and lighting using machine learning.

Cryptomatte Render Pass Support

Make crypto object, asset, and materials available in Flame and Flare without having to render.

Refract Real-World Material

Distort background objects realistically based on surface material characteristics for 3D objects with the refraction tool.


More Features

3D Compositing (Action)

Flame, Flame Assist, Flare

Combine powerful 3D visual effects with the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing. Includes a WYSIWYG preview for artists in session.

Node-Based Compositing (Batch)

Flame, Flare

Integrates with the timeline and desktop to combine 3D and 2D elements iteratively and efficiently, Batch is a Node-based procedural compositing environment.

MasterGrade: Creative Colour Tool

Flame, Flame Assist, Flare

Open industry standard for super looks, this colour-space aware creative colour tool provides three modes that are optimised for grading the three types of colour spaces: video, logarithmic, and scene-linear.

Creative FX for the Image Node

Flame, Flare

Use the A2Beauty and Washer Matchbox tools for beauty work, clean-up, and noise reduction. The Physical Glare tool allows you to create lens artefacts and creative lens FX for look development.


You can also rent Flame workstations from us:

Base spec:

HP Z8 G4

Dual Intel Xeon 6136 12 Core

3.0GHz CPUs/ 192GB

RAM/1TB M2 System Disk/RTX

6000 GPU

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