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The beating heart of the studio 


We sat down with UNIT’s owner and founder Adam Luckwell, and CTO Chris Booth in their bespoke designed studio on Berners Mews, Fitzrovia to chat tech over a cup of the studio’s legendary coffee. Humor is not missed on these two and there was a lot of laughter whilst recording in the gorgeous Soho House/Ivy cosy ground floor of the studio.

UNIT is London's largest independently owned creative studio, specialising in VFX, CG, Design, Colour, Sound & Film + TV. Their multi-award winning and BAFTA nominated work will be familiar to many people’s eyeballs, including longform titles such as Letter for the King, Britannia and Generation Rewear; and legendary commercials SportEngland’s This Girl Can, Greenpeace’s Ocean of the Future and most recently Adiddas Originals Superstan campaign to name a few.

The vibrant studio employs 100 staff and prides itself on housing the best talent in the business under one roof. In order to ensure that this talent has the optimal kit to imagine and create UNIT’s stunning work, specifically their storage solution, Adam and Chris share their thoughts on how pixitmedia's pixstor and Dell’s EMC PowerVault ME4

Chris shares that storage is the beating heart of any facility, plus with space at a premium the ME4’s capability to hold over 1 PetaByte of storage in a 4U rack space is extremely attractive.  Adam chimes that clients are familiar with the solution, security being one and it’s reliability the other, which gives them that extra edge, and comfort, when bidding for and working on projects at the studio. Chris also goes on to share that transitioning to the new storage solution from the old one was completely seamless, both artists and clients were unaware when the engineering team plugged in the new one and turned off the old one - that pretty impressive stuff! Adam is equally as satisfied with this new addition to UNIT’s technology architecture, stating that the level of support from both pixitmedia and Dell has been exceptional. 

UNIT are currently in production with Netflix on three projects, including No One Gets Out Alive an adaptation of Adam Nevill's award winning horror novel, due for release later this year.

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