The VR Startup

How Escape Technology are supporting Viewpoint Games as they grow.

Viewpoint Games is a startup that specialises in virtual reality. Neil Campbell and Neil Wigfield had been in the industry for several years before deciding to set up their new studio and promote a new technology. It's been exciting - and brought both opportunities and challenges. 

"VR is quite intensive"

Even starting out small, Viewpoint knew they would need powerful workstations. Technical Director Neil Campbell explains: "As VR is quite intensive, and requires the game to be rendered twice, we needed hardware to be able to handle that performance. HP is ideal for that."

Neil also points out that, as a lean operation, they "don't have any kind of IT department". So how to benefit from staying small while accessing the equipment and support they would need to produce their games?

"Just a phone call away"

Escape Technology and HP provided Z240 workstations with financing and support. Neil continues: "As part of the deal with Escape and HP they've supplied us with on-site support, which is ideal as if anything goes wrong we know we're just a phone call away to be able to get it fixed as quick as possible."

This solution has worked perfectly for Viewpoint Games, who are now ramping up following the interest they've generated with their game VR Karts. This is an important time for virtual reality. Viewpoint are confident that they're ready for it. 

If you're opening your own studio, then contact Neil Parmar to find out how we can help.