something new

Escape were a great help and a very important part of the decision making process. Being a new company we needed to trust our re-seller and Richard provided that confidence with his knowledge and enthusiasm.

What do you do when you need to set up an entirely new studio from the ground upwards? Call Escape.

Nineteentwenty are a young VFX post production facility based in central London and Bristol. Between both locations they maintain their all-important presence in the capital while using their creative talent in Bristol to ensure that they provide high-end visual effects at amazing prices. For nineteentwenty no job is too big or too small.

An origin story

Founded by producer Scott Griffin and Visual Effect Supervisor Ludo Fealy in 2013, nineteentwenty builds on a combined 40 plus years of experience in VFX. With Scott having worked for Framestore CFC and MPC (London and Vancouver), and Ludo coming from Rushes, Glassworks and MPC, they have awards and accolades positively piling up.

Named for the year Ray Harryhausen was born this exciting company was founded to revive high-end VFX advertising while still covering all aspects of VFX for TV, short and long form films, and graphics work. Purely through word of mouth and referrals they have been fast in securing large name clients and projects by providing top-quality VFX and attention to detail at competitive prices.

Setting up fresh

As a new company there were, of course, many factors that needed to be considered in terms of funding, logistics, IT infrastructure, support mechanisms and many more potential nightmares!

The team had previously been working remotely and this would be their first major studio set up. That meant they needed someone to help with everything – from printers to renderfarms, software to workstations.

They needed someone who knows everything there is to know about VFX workflow and methods so the team would be free to focus on creative work for clients like Kia, Cobra, and Jagermeister.

Enter Escape Technology. nineteentwenty heard great things about us from our friends at Outpost Visual Effects. With glowing recommendations for our knowledge and expertise in hand Scott contacted Richard McGuinness - Escape Technology’s Director of Business Development. Richard’s significant industry experience was brought to bear during every stage of the setup. Working closely with Scott and Ludo he helped ensure that the launch of both facilities went as smoothly as possible.

It was vital that nineteentwenty had confidence in their supplier, their supplier chains and their support. Equally important was an in-depth understanding of their workflow, the types of projects their clients are working on and the necessary infrastructure needed to work successfully between the London and Bristol sites. In addition to utilising his technical and product expertise and contacts within industry Richard and his team provided the complete infrastructure to kit out this new start-up.

A question of finance

As with any new company cash flow and finances were a concern. Richard was able to help here by brokering a connection between Escape’s finance agency and working closely through all stages of the supply chain in order to enable nineteentwenty to purchase their equipment with minimal investment in terms of capital expenditure. This, naturally, allowed them to retain their cash for working capital. And by spreading the cost of their equipment over a three-year period the facility have the option either to buy everything outright or to refresh their IT infrastructure at the end of the lease.This flexibility has given nineteentwenty the dynamism needed to establish themselves as a leading post production house in a highly competitive market.