More than your average reseller

At Escape Technology we continually evolve to remain relevant and indispensable. Our ethos is to be a true technology partner to all our clients. 


We do this by offering services that traditional tech resellers don’t - these being Support and Consultancy - which we have provided to clients in the post production, games, architecture, manufacturing and design. 

Our client roster includes Coffee & TV, Blink Productions, Foster + Partners, Make, Doncaster University, Black Kite; and most recently Future Deluxe, Unit, Keltbray, Bartlett and University College London.

Collaboration is at the heart of these services. We do this by working with you to discover what you need, what constraints you are working to, and what you want to achieve. We then offer the best solutions to deliver on just that, along with providing suggestions on how to future-proof your operations.


A Collective - what to expect


The team at Escape are a diverse mix of experts, specialists and industry veterans from across the VFX, games, motion content, animation and production worlds. The jewel in our crown being our team of engineers.

Collectively, and individually, they possess in-depth knowledge and experience of not just the intricacies of infrastructure, workflows, networking and storage; but how each of these things function day-to-day in a studio environment – and particularly how to fix and solve issues that may arise. Having come from industry they understand fully the challenges of keeping your facility at the leading edge in a competitive environment.

Our Professional Services business is headed up by Andrew Condie. Andrew has 20+ years experience heading up technical teams at some of the biggest VFX facilities globally and possesses a deep knowledge of VFX, plus clients expectations on completion targets. He’s someone who always delivers.

Andrew, along with our Engineering Manager, Rob Drury explain that our Consultancy and Support Services are split into two distinct areas:


Andrew: “Consultancy and support, although of course there’s a significant overlap between the two, go hand in hand. Consultancy is usually triggered by clients asking questions that begin ‘How do I..?’, or ‘Is there a way to..?’. It’s often something very big, or very specific. They have a goal in mind, and want us to show them the best way to get there. This could result in a complex infrastructure solution, the installation of a large render farm, or a system-wide implementation of TPN security protocols for example.


Rob: “Support is more focused on solving day-to-day issues and keeping existing systems running optimally. In many cases, our engineering team is the only resource a client may have. In others, we’re considered as an extension of their own internal team. We have over 10 engineers in the team at Escape. Where other companies may focus on a narrow area of expertise, our engineers have expertise in every area and possess extensive, and ever expanding skill sets.”


Another one of Escape's secret weapons is our CTO, Lee Danskin - one of the industry's foremost authority on pipeline development and visual effects and content creation technologies. Lee really knows his stuff and is instrumental in providing consultation to our clients through the wide range of industries we cover.

In most instances, Andrew - or for large-scale consultancy projects, Lee - will drill down into your current situation and look at it holistically with you to find out what you don't like about your existing technology, or pipeline, and what your expectations are. Lee and Andrew also offer advice on how to future-proof your facilities operation to ensure that you achieve the optimal outcome. Lee then devises a solution in collaboration with you, always offering guidance;  Andrew and Rob’s team then implement the solution upon your consent.

To ensure that your projects run smoothly, and as stress free as possible, our team will stay with you for the project's duration - which can be anything from a day to a few weeks, depending of course on the complexity of the installation - ensuring final handover. 


Dial up and dial down - a tiered Support Service that works with you


Whether you’re taking on a big project and need extra technical support. Or are a team of creatives doing incredible work and need that support back bone, we can help. As no two clients are the same we have devised a tiered support service, which runs on quarterly based contracts.

Our support services come in four levels, starting with bronze and going up to platinum. Our bronze offering provides 10 hours of support per month . Our platinum tier provides 60 hours per month. 

Each tier - apart from Bronze-  includes dedicated time on-site at your studios/facilities, or remotely If on-site is impossible.  If you need to dial a tier up for an extra period of time due to project demands you can, and then dial back down when the job is complete. 

In addition to our quarterly packages, we also offer annual packages.


To find out more about this service, and all of our unique Escape Service offerings


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