Free to Play

Exient is a major games studio, yet still thrives on experimenting.  With HP workstations, they have the power to innovate. 

Exient is the studio behind major games including Angry Birds Go and the upcoming Dancing With the Stars game. They make sure they're always experimenting, and rely on HP workstations to drive their creativity.

As Nick Harper and Matthew White explain, the games industry is constantly growing and changing. Having developed their own games engine XGS, Exient produce work for a range of platforms, particularly focussing on mobile games. The engine is an ongoing project, and Exient use HP workstations for this important engineering function.

"As limitless an experience as possible"

With the sheer volume of free-to-play games on the market at the moment, it's been important for Exient to keep pushing the boundaries in order to stay ahead. Nick describes why they need workstations that are up to the task of producing high-end games within an experimental model:

"It's primarily because of efficiency. The artists are throwing around huge amounts of geometric data, shaders, all sorts of stuff - and what we want for them is to have a very smooth workflow, and as limitless an experience as possible. To do that we have to have as top-end computers as we can get, and we find that the HP ones are delivering on that."

With experimental projects running alongside their high-end output, Exient are driving change in the industry. And they rely on HP to help them achieve that.

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