Foster + Partners and a model for the future

Architects Foster + Partners have collaborated with car manufacturers Nissan to envision a future city. They have made a film that vividly portrays the potential for a new technology to shape urban environments.

Visual effects have been gaining popularity among architecture practices for a long time now. As an extension of drawing, CGI and animation help to create an impression of the impact of the building – and using VR, that impression can even be at 1:1 scale.

However, the visualisation team at Fosters have gone a step further by producing a video that proposes a future way of living. Blending photo-real, infographic and imaginative imagery, this is not just the story of Intelligent Mobility – it’s the story of a department within a top architectural firm with the skills, and resources supplied by Escape Technology, to produce a short film that applies the company’s building expertise to a standalone project.

We're really excited about the implications of this project for the future uses of VFX in architecture. Find out more about The Fuel Station of the Future on the Foster + Partners website.